King’s Speech set designer meets aliens in Perivale

IMPACT Theatre Company and Outreach Network put on its first production at its new Community Arts Centre in Perivale on April 8, 9, 10 and 11. Among the attendees were MP Steve Pound, Ealing council leader Julian Bell, Ealing opposition leader David Millican, and Eve Stewart, a BAFTA winning and Oscar nominated set designer who created the sets for The King’s Speech and Les Miserables. IMPACT’s show ‘Aliens in Perivale’, as the title suggests, follows a group of space aliens who land in Perivale and meet some of IMPACT’s learning disabled performers. Travelling back and forth in time, the aliens learn about Impact’s previous performances and its journey from its earlier homes at Questor’s Theatre, Hanwell Community Centre and Stirling Road Centre to the new arts centre at Perivale. IMPACT is a social enterprise and aims to generate income through such performances to provide training and employment to people with learning disabilities. “The show was a resounding success,” says IMPACT artistic director Kim Mughan.

IMPACT set up the Community Arts Centre with funding from organisations like the Social Enterprise Investment Fund, Arts Council England, Awards for All, Ealing Council, and the Zurich Community Trust.

IMPACT uses performing and creative arts to enable people with a learning disability to take a more active role in their community.

For further information please contact Rustom Davar at 020 8997 8979 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pre-show Information

This production has been written by our members to showcase many of the aspects of performing and creative arts we do at IMPACT.

A group of aliens, from planet Volkon, land at Perivale just as IMPACT is rehearsing its first show in the new theatre. The volkonites do not understand such things as theatres, performance and stages, wanting to know what these things are. Fortunately volkonites can travel through time which leads to a romp through some memorable scenes from past productions featuring music, singing, dance, drama, comedy, mime and illusion to a backdrop of artwork created by IMPACT artists. There is a mix of live performance, film and animation. Prepare to be royally entertained!